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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-24

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News Flash – Last 2×4 Colonial Cavy Cage GONE!!!

Just a couple hours ago, I sent out a post saying that if you needed a cavy cage, while we’re vacationing in Hawaii, we still had all of our BlueStoneCommerce models in stock. Well, guess what?

Bad News: We just sold the very last 2×4 Colonial model. No more of this particular cavy cage model available until Oct. 25, 2010! (Yes, they’re going that fast).

Good News: We still have the 2×4 Colonial with storage in stock. (Same as the 2×4 Colonial but with a very handy integral storage pedestal built in to the bottom level).

While we are here in Hawaii, we are working to keep your pigs happy – although working here doesn’t really feel like working as you can see in this VDO:


Want to see our helicopter ride over Kauai (can you spot the waterfall from the movie Jurrasic Park) and also learn a little more about our cavy cage vacation stock? <–CLICK on the LINK HERE
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Is the Cavy Cage you want still in stock?

As you HAVE to know by now, BlueStoneCommerce (Nancy and Bob) are vacationing in Hawaii. And as you also should know by now (so you and your piggy would not be left without that perfect cavy cage) we stocked up on several cages before we left to be made available during our vacation.

As of this writing, we have been gone just over a week now (and no way are we ready to go back to Michigan yet).

The good news is that we still have all cavy cage models in stock. (However, two of our models only have one single cage left).

So, again – good news – our guinea pig cages are not yet completely picked over – we still have all models in stock. However, some models are running extremely low.

The other good news: We will be back in full operation on Oct. 25, 2010.

So if the particular model of cavy cage you’re looking for gets sold out; we’ll be up and running again in the very new future.

To paraphrase Arnold Schwarzeneggner: We’ll be bock.

Want to see our helicopter ride over Kauai and also learn a little more about our vacation stock of cavy cage? <–CLICK HERE

Bob and Nancy
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You should never let your guinea pig outside of their cavy cage…

Okay, sure, they need to get some daily floor time outside of their cavy cage to make sure they get adequate exercise. I mean you shouldn’t let them out of their cavy cage unsupervised or they’ll do stupid things. Not that they’re stupid – they just have trouble with technology – things that don’t exist in the wild – things like electrical wires and toxic chemicals.

See how our Roadents deal with technology (windshield wipers) when they spend time outside of their Winnebago unsupervised…

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HURRY! Choose your Cavy Cage before they’re all picked over…

Finding the perfect cavy cage is like finding a good wife (or husband)…

When you start looking, you may find that “all the good ones are taken”.

Okay, it’s an old adage – and, like all old sayings – maybe not entirely true. But it does have it’s basis in truth. And we do know from our life experience that opportunities are often lost when we wait too long.

If you have been following us at all (Bob and Nancy from BlueStoneCommerce), you know that we are vacationing in Hawaii at the moment. Before leaving, we pre-built an inventory 30 cages including a large selection of our cavy cage models.

But, since arriving in Hawaii, we have already sold seven of those 30 cages. So –  long story short – those guinea pig cages are moving. They are getting picked over. First come – first served.

So, if you have a particular model of guinea pig cage that you absolutely must have – you need to act fast. Sure, you can wait – and hopefully, as time goes on, the cages left will include exactly the cavy cage you want. If not, we will be back in full operation Oct. 25, 2010.

But do you really want to wait until October 25? Why take a chance? Buy quickly before the cages get “picked over”. We’ve sold almost 25% of our inventory – they will get picked over. Why not be one of those doing the picking? Visit our BlueStoneCommerce Guinea Pig Cages website NOW…

And you can see us in Hawaii – taking a helicopter ride over Kauai. (See if you can spot the famous waterfall that they used in the movie Jurassic Park)…   CLICK HERE to see us in Hawaii—> BlueStoneCommerce rides Blue-Hawaiian

Bob and Nancy
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Only a FEW DAYS LEFT of full guinea pig cage selection…

Only a few days left of full guinea pig cage selection – This coming Wednesday Oct 6, 2010 – We’re outta here!
Visit – today to look through our complete selection of innovative guinea pig cage models.
Because we will offer Only Limited Models while we’re gone – and once those are gone…

Well, you know.

So please visit our store today for a full selection. See the link in the middle of this sentence? –> BlueStoneCommerce Guinea Pig Cage special Internet offer. <–CLICK on it.
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    Note: BlueStoneCommerce receives compensation on product sales.