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Cavy Cages – Modern Technology Comes to DIY Guinea Pig Cages

Cavy cages have traditionally come in two styles – the old wood and chicken wire cage, often called a guinea pig hutch; and the tiny rodent cage that we inevitably see on display in the pet store. I am here to tell you by way of this post that in this modern world, those two guinea pig cage technologies have become obsolete.

Perhaps you’ve heard of C&C cages. They have been taking the guinea pig cage market by storm over the past several years.

C&C stands for cubes and Coroplast — the two primary materials used to construct a C&C cage. Cubes refer to the metal grids used to construct household storage cubes or retail store display cubes. These metal grids are used to form the structure and enclosure of the cage.

Coroplast is a corrugated plastic sheet material and is used to form the litter containment tray or bin in this type of cavy cages.

The major advantage of this style of cage is that it is cost-effective. One can build a very large cavy cages for a very little amount of money invested. In fact, this style of cage was originally invented by a guinea pig rescue organization who needed an economical way to house a large number of guinea pigs. Since an enclosure of this type was not available on the market, they simply invented it and built it themselves.

Since that day, thousands of do-it-yourselfers have followed their lead and are building their own cubes and Coroplast cages. You too can join the guinea pig cage revolution the “easy way” by visiting BlueStoneCommerce to see their large selection of C&C cage kits.

Read more about the cage revolution — CLICK ON THE LINK directly below…

Cavy Cages –The Cubes and Coroplast Guinea Pig Cage is Sweeping the Market

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